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Akismet Free API Key can protect against spams

If you are a website owner and using  CMS like WordPress then you are familiar with spam commenting  problem.  A spam comment is  normally  auto generated  and submitted  off topic comments to your posts. The main purpose of this action is to promote business by advertising  or may be it contain links to get traffic to their websites.  In this article we will talk about the great wordpress plugin Akismet. We will show you how we can prevent our site with spam comments and the most important thing is to get API key because without that key you can’t stop spams.   But now a days Akismet is not offering free key.  But Don’t Worry I will give you a trick to get API key. What is Akismet? Akismet is anti spam service for comments. It is great plugin which stops spams with the help of  intelligent algorithms running to catch up the spams and prevent  your website in real time. Akismet Free API Key for WordPress Site The great thing is that Akismet is already included in package when you installed wordpress.  It means it is already installed and you need to activate and configure it first. So go to plugins and activate it. Once it is activated, it is still not able to stop spams so if you want this plugin to be fully functional  then you must need to get API key.  So first you need to activate your akismet account. Click on Activate Akismet Account button and then press get your API key button and this will redirect you to Akismet Website.   You need to add your account so enter... read more

How to migrate wordpress to new host using duplicator installer

This is extremely great tutorial for those who want site data backup or migrate wordpress to new host or a new domain. Today we will discuss very useful wp plugin called the duplicator which is free and really powerful. It has two very important functions. It is lifesaver for your site what it means that you can use it to wordpress migration or back up your website on new servers without losing web content, mysql database, wordpress plugins, seo rank and search engine optimization. This is not an easy task but I will show you the easiest and quickest way in few steps which you will follow to simply copy website to another host. You can also watch video tutorial. Few years back, website transfer was very difficult and lengthy process. I need to use ftp server to upload files on web-space root directory and create a sql database, new user and finally install WordPress. But that process had few drawbacks. The most frequent issues were user permissions, database error and file path problems. Fortunately the duplicator solves your problems and with few clicks and in few minutes you can copy a wordpress site to web server. So I will show you how to do this. We need three things which we will do in steps. 1. First thing is a plug in which is available free on wordpress.org. 2. Second is the site which you want to copy. 3. Third one is a domain that are going to move website to.   Step 1: Download plugin It can install from plugin download section on your old website under wp... read more

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