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Akismet Free API Key can protect against spams

If you are a website owner and using CMS like WordPress then you are familiar with spam commenting problem. A spam comment is normally auto generated and submitted off topic comments to your posts. The main purpose of this action is to promote business by advertising or may be it contain links to get traffic to their websites. In this article we will talk about the great wordpress plugin Akismet.

WordPress News Ticker: The Ultimate Guide

News are the important part of news sites, online magazines, tv channels and blog sites. They used to display latest updates in the form of breaking news on websites. They facilitate the readers to find out recent news on top of the website without going into the individual pages or posts.

How wordpress seo can improve on page optimization

WordPress SEO As you all knows that WordPress is a SEO friendly platform. SEO wordpress is super easy. This means that it provides easy ways to on page optimization for your website which can help you quickly appears in search engine results and increase your ranking...

Moving WordPress from localhost to Web Server

In our previous tutorial, we learnt that how to Install WordPress on local Computer using  wamp server. As you have seen that development process become very fast and  you have great opportunity to explore without any fear and making mistakes on local computer. When...

How to Install WordPress on local Computer

If you are the beginner and learn WordPress then you are in right place. In this article we will use windows operating system and will discuss how to install WordPress on local server on your PC. There is a big reason behind this to install it on locally first,...

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