How to migrate wordpress to new host using duplicator installer

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This is extremely great tutorial for those who want site data backup or migrate wordpress to new host or a new domain. Today we will discuss very useful wp plugin called the duplicator which is free and really powerful. It has two very important functions. It is lifesaver for your site what it means that you can use it to wordpress migration or back up your website on new servers without losing web content, mysql database, wordpress plugins, seo rank and search engine optimization. This is not an easy task but I will show you the easiest and quickest way in few steps which you will follow to simply copy website to another host.

You can also watch video tutorial.

Few years back, website transfer was very difficult and lengthy process. I need to use ftp server to upload files on web-space root directory and create a sql database, new user and finally install WordPress. But that process had few drawbacks. The most frequent issues were user permissions, database error and file path problems.
Fortunately the duplicator solves your problems and with few clicks and in few minutes you can copy a wordpress site to web server. So I will show you how to do this. We need three things which we will do in steps.
1. First thing is a plug in which is available free on
2. Second is the site which you want to copy.
3. Third one is a domain that are going to move website to.


Step 1: Download plugin

It can install from plugin download section on your old website under wp admin. You can find it by duplicator under add new section. So click to install now button. Once done then click the activate button. Great work, step one is completed.

Step 2: Create a Package

Once activated, it will show up on your admin dashboard. When click on packages section, you will see “No Packages Found. Click the ‘Create New’ button to build a package.” messages.
So click on create new button to add your first package. Once clicked it will show you package wizard step 1 where some requirements should pass before continue. If you find an error then you can see the notes and follows the link to fix your problem. Secondly name is the package name of your website. You can also see storage, Archive and installer options. You can customize these options according to your choice but today i will not change and leave all options as it is. System will start scanning files, databases and contents when clicked on Next button.
Once scan is completed, it will show up a full and detail report about your site data. If you have found any warnings such as if you have a large size video file then you need to go back on step 1 and exclude these files from this package and scan it again.
And if all things are fine then click on build button. Once clicked it starts backup your site including posts, pages, images, themes, databases and plugins etc. It will take few seconds if you have small files but it may take few minutes if files are larger. So it totally depends upon the website file size.
Once process is completed you will see two buttons package installer (a php file) and archive zip file which contains all files and folders for our website.

Step 3: Download Package

Now click to download installer.php which is a small file and archive zip file which is larger file and takes some time to download on your computer. Once done your step 3 is completed.

Step 4: Login to new host CPanel

Login to that hosting cpanel where you want to transfer your website under specific domain. So go to databases and open mysql databases and create database and next thing is to assign a user to that database so first create new user and then assign that user to the database which i have created recently. Finally assign all privileges to that user. Now remember that information because it will use in future while run installer. Great step 4 is also completed.

Step 5: Upload Package files to Web Server

Now this is the time to upload installer.php and your archive zip file and you can upload it via ftp server or under file manager in you cpanel website root directory. Once uploaded then open your browser and type in your new domain address followed by intaller.php.

Step 6: Run Installer It wills popup wordpress duplicator installer where you can see requirements pass notes so we will create new database:-
1. Enter localhost in host
2. Enter the name which is the database name we have created recently
3. Enter the user
4. Enter password for that user
Once done click on test connection to authenticated your username and password. If true then you will see server connected and database found success messages.
So go down and checked the I read checkbox and run the deployment. A confirmation popup is shown and tells you that are going to install the installer and run the archive zip file so click on ok to start deployment. Once finished now we are on update screen where we can see old URL and file path under old settings and the new domain with path under new settings.

Step 7: Save Permalinks

Once click on run update button you will move to the final step which is test site. Here you can see installation details report with o errors. Now next step is to click on save permalinks link. Once clicked it will open your wordpress login screen. So go ahead and enter your old username and password and click on login button. Now save changes to update your permalinks structure.
At the top you will see a message duplicator files still exist on your root directory so delete these files to avoid security issues. So go and remove these files.
Great work! In this tutorial we have successfully back up and migrate wordpress to new host using the duplicator. Now go ahead and check every url of your website to make sure everything is working properly.
If you want to follow manual process then you can also read our article Moving wordpress manually to live sever.
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