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If you are the beginner and learn WordPress then you are in right place. In this article we will use windows operating system and will discuss how to install WordPress on local server on your PC. There is a big reason behind this to install it on locally first, because this is very easy for experts or specially for newbie to develop and test their WordPress blog or websites before gone live. And the most important thing is that local installation makes the process so much fast and you can take full control without any risk. There is no need of  web hosting and domain to install WordPress on PC . But on live server you have to take care a lot. If there is something happened wrong then you can loss your efforts and time.

If you are newbie and wants to get full advantage then we will recommend you to look at our WordPress Introduction article and hopefully this will help you.

Watch step by step Video tutorial  to install wordpress on local computer.

What is WampServer?

Before start our journey, we need a mechanism or local environment on your computer where we can run WordPress. We are lucky that WampServer is a Windows web improvement environment and you can easily run WordPress on localhost. It facilitates you to develop web applications or websites with Apache, PHP and a MySQL database. PhpMyAdmin manages your databases effortlessly. You should visit WampServer Website. Remember download that version which are compatible to your windows specification (32bit-64bit) and it depends on the windows which your are using. Once you have downloaded  then click on setup to install the software and follow step by step guidelines.

One installation is completed then  run the WampServer.  it will show on windows task bar under bottom right corner on your screen. Click on icon to open WampServer menu.




Create WordPress Database

By clicking on phpMyAdmin the new window will be open in new browser. you will see databases section. There is an option Create new database.

Enter your database name  and press on create button now your database has been created successfully.

How to install WordPress on local

After creating the database,  you should go to the  website to download the latest WordPress version. By default file is in compressed form. so extract that zip file. Copy the folder and paste it to the C:\wamp\www or you can access it from  WampServer menu > www directory. Now rename this folder whatever you want  e.g, C:\wamp\www\site2.

Open your browser or access it from WampServer menu and type  http://localhost/site2/



Before start installing WordPress, go to your site folder in C:\wamp\www\site2 and  rename file wp-config-sample to wp-config.  Now open wp-config file and enter your database name which had created previously and  by default username is set to root, remains password empty then save this file.



Now finally open your browser and enter http://localhost/site2/wp-admin. You will redirected to WordPress Installation screen.



Enter your website title, username, password and your email.  Here one thing you must keep in your mind that double check your email before pressing install button because your login credentials and future correspondence will be possible with your entered email. So if you entered the wrong email then you will not be able to find site information.  Finally pressed the install button. Congratulation, now it is installed in your computer and you will be redirected to WordPress login screen.



Enter your username and password and press on login button.  Now Welcome in Wp-Admin Dashboard. Now this is the time to start exploring and developing your first website in WordPress.



In this article we have learnt  how to install WordPress on local on your personal computer in windows. We have discussed WampServer installation. We have also covered step by step phpMyAdmin database creation, download and installation process for WordPress.



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