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Link building  is the most important part in SEO.  In this article we will discuss about the basic concepts for link building and gives you the best white hat SEO link building strategies that will definitely help you to incredibly increase your search engine ranking.

Now lets start first with link and anchor text definitions.

What is the link?

Link is the HTML element which is used to enable the user to click and visit that  page.  This is the very easy definition about links.  If someone on a website and and see some images and text  and when he click on, it will go to the next page and view his desired information.

e.g, <a>link text</a>. so this is the link.


What is Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable text which leads you to the web page which you wants to look. In term of SEO Relevant text should be used in  anchor text rather than general terms like “read more” or “click here”


How Link Building can Boost your Ranking


Search engines are crawling on internet to find out contents on websites.  They analyse these contents and then index them on the basis of  relevant keywords and quality contents and finally rank them accordingly. The most important thing is that search engines not only consider relevancy and quality of pages but they rank your website on the basis of how many  quality links you have. This means your rank can high as many high authority site are linked with you.

So we are talking about building the links( links means hyperlinks). this is also known as off page optimization. Link building is method for getting links from external websites to your website. Its means we are getting authority. If you have no authority then you have no ranking. If you want to be really successful in term of SEO then it is highly recommended you to acquire  high authority links, this will help to increase your authority and finally boost your ranking in search engines.

One important point is who will determent that how many links are enough to rank high. Now a days as search engine optimization world is very advance and competition is very high. Your rank is also depends on the keywords which you are  ranking for.  There is huge battle between different keywords in terms of monthly searches, competition and pay per click. And there is a lot and less competition in few keywords. for Example your competitor don’t put so much efforts or he can’t afford best SEO services which will definitely give you an edge on these keywords.

But most important things is  not about the number of links you have but its all about  how many quality links you have. So always try to build high authority quality links rather than large number of low links. Always remember link  building in SEO is very slow process needs to be active, patience, time, research and hard work.

There are three types of  links which you can build for your blog or website:

Natural Links:-

These are the most powerful links  but this will only possible by creating great and quality contents so other websites cannot  wait and feels happy to link with your blog. It means that once you posted contents, reader links to you in no time. These links are harder to get and depends upon your popularity and  valuable contents. But these are the most high authority links. These links will provide you high traffic in long term in a natural way.

Out Run Links:

These are links which you have requested links to someone. You coordinate with person that why you have contents valuable to that audience. Its means you explain someone that i have that post similar to your niche and may be this will be valuable for your group  so why not you link to it. This is a possibility that he refused but if you get few links that will really beneficial. So if you are new and want to quickly build links,  out run link building technique is a great way to start.

Your Created links:

These are the links which you have created by your self in guest posting blogs, article directories, create videos on you tube etc., slide sharing on sites to get links back to your website. This is also called off page SEO strategy. This will not much helpful  but still works for you. In start to build your authority, your own created links is the best way to build your links even If you are not getting natural and out run links.

What we have learnt in this article? We have discussed core of seo link building. We have also discussed different types and techniques which will help to build quality links and boost you ranking in search engines.

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