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In this tutorial we will discuss Local Search Engine Optimization and we can also call it Local SEO. Today we will learn some specific techniques which we can use to rank higher in local searches. So on focusing on local market you are eliminating 99 per cent of the SEO competition that you have no need to compete with. It means that you have only to compete with the businesses in your local area.

Local SEO

If you have a regional specific business like store or services oriented business like coffee shop, construction, restaurant so you don’t need to compete the businesses that are miles and miles away from your area or another country or continent. So it is good news that you have to compete with the people in your area. And this will make very easy to rank higher for a specific keyword.

When you search Google so it is aware that in which city you are actually present and this is all possible with the help of internet connection and ISP which you are connected with. Based on your location Google displays local searches most relevant results against the specific keywords. For example if you are in new york and searching for  restaurant, chances are you are not interested the restaurant in California so on the basis of  local searches subset Google knows about so it displays the most relevant results to the user and in this case newyork city results will show up.

There are few things which you can implement to get local authority and get higher ranks in local searches. The First step you need to is to create local profile on all of the major search engines like Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing local. By doing this it will make easy for search engine to find your location and the keywords which you are relevant for. In some cases they want to verify your address by sending postal cards with code in it then you have to verify back either by email or phone. So it will definitely helps to increase your ranking in local results and eliminate chances for those who don’t have businesses.

Google Places

Now we are going to get the local profile on Google Places. So you need to type



Let’s click on Get On Google button. Now first thing is to logon to your Google account and then enter business name or address which Google will find whether your business is already existed or not.



How Local SEO Change The World Of Search Engine Optimization

How Local SEO Change The World Of Search Engine Optimization

In our case it is not yet registered and no address found message is displayed and So i will click on second option ”i have correctly entered the name and address” which will open a form where you will enter your business details to verify your business.

First of all you have to enter some basic business information like where your business is located etc. Most of the values are mandatory and must be filled and some are optional values but they are most important for SEO point of view and that is website option. You must enter your website URL and it will link to your website. You can also enter keywords which will help you for higher local searches when people enter these keywords.

Yelp and Citysearch Directories Signups

Be active on local directories and review sites like Yelp and Citysearch so create profiles and respond to reviews whether it is positive or negative feedback. Because when people searches then those sites are come on top and if your profiles are there then it will help you to come on search results as well. Ask your customers to go to that sites and rate you that will increase your ranking authority on local searches.

Signup for regional directories and portals

Signup for regional directories and portals as every city has its own city directory. You can add by typing city name directory in Google etc. Another import thing is to link with local authority sites. Because Google already sees Google local publications as local authorities, so a link from them is really valuable.

Competitive Research for Local Businesses

You can also do local competitive research for local businesses as you know they are your actual competitors. You can also find their high authorities links which you can also acquire.

In this tutorial we have learned local seo techniques start from registering your business on Google to creating profiles on regional directories and portals that you can use to make local authority and local searches.

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