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News are the important part of  news sites, online magazines, tv channels and blog sites. They used to display latest updates in the form of  breaking news on websites. They facilitate the readers to find out recent news on top of the website without going into the individual pages or posts.
There are many free wp plugins or some are premium available which you can use with your WordPress themes to add  beautiful tickers on your site. In today’s tutorial we will learn:-


how to display WordPress news ticker on your website




Lets start with the definition, This is a electronic representation of wordpress news ticker horizontal or vertical scrolling on a site.

The plugin which we have selected is Ditty News Ticker. I will highly recommend you to use this because there is few reasons. This is free and easy to use secondly it is very popular and has five star rating and thousands of downloads and  you can free download it from  Remember always choose that one which has at-least 4 star rating.   So we are talking about Ditty News Ticker which is the dynamic purpose scrolling text plugin in wordpress. You can add news tickers by short-codes, direct functions or custom widgets area. In simple words you can add it anywhere in your website.

To install this plugin,  go to the wp plugins section. Click on add new button then enter Ditty News Ticker in search field. You will see that plugin on your screen.




Now install this plugin and finally activate it. If you already have this plugin on your computer then you can also upload it from upload button.  Congratulation you have done your installation. Now you can see it on wp admin left bar where you can find news tickers, add new and setting tabs.

Now we are looking news tickers section and by default there is no ticker added. You can view your tickers in this section and you can also have multiple tickers on your website.


You can add new ticker by add new button. You can set title.  You can use given short-codes into a page or post to display the ticker within the post content.  You can also use direct functions code into one of your theme files to display the ticker any where you want on your site.



You can set line break option and type, by default default type is  selected but you  can also change it to mixed. You can select ticker modes, there are three type of modes scroll, rotate and list. We will discuss each one in details.

In scroll mode you can move news to left, right, up and down formats. In item section you can add ticker items and actually these are the news that will display on your site. you can add text and the URL and also set the target whether it will open on new or same window and  + sign will be used to add more tickers.




In scroll setting you can set scroll direction left, right, up and down. you can set directions, padding, tick spacing and  scroll speed in which you can select pause on mouse over option as well. If you want to stop your items on mouse over.

In rotate mode you can rotate news. Item section will remains same. In rotate setting you can set rotate direction to fade, slide left, slide right, slide up and slide down positions. you can set directions, padding, auto rotate, on mouse over option as well. If you want to stop your items on mouse over and  rotate speed. You can also select directional and control navigation.



In List setting you can displays news in list format. Item section will remains same. In list setting you can set list padding, spacing and list paging. You can also enable or disable previous and next button option.




In Global settings, you can enable title, in line title, random shuffle, ticker width and offset options and in grid display you can show news in grid and also columns, rows and cell spacing.


Now we will look Ditty News Ticker setting page. You can select visual editor option to create ticker contents. But remember content in the visual editors will disappear after re-arranging tickers and these content will re-populate after re-saving the ticker. Quick Edit Links option is enable then admins can have rights to quick edit functionality on front end of the website. And there is also available Custom CSS option where you can add more styles for your ticker.

After adding tickers and setting, now you can display your world news or recent news updates by adding short codes, direct functions or custom widgets.

By using short-codes you just copy and paste given short-code[ditty_news_ticker id=”198″] into any page, post.   Remember you can found this code on your ticker page and every ticker has own id. In my case it is 198 but in your case it will be different but don’t worry this is auto generated while adding ticker.


If you want that your news will show on every page and posts then you will use direct function. You can copy the code which is given on your ticker page and paste into your theme files like page.php, index.php or single.php.

Finally you can see the breaking news ticker  on your website.

You can also use news ticker WordPress on custom widget area on your blog. Go to wp widgets and add to your desired area.


Now we are closing our discussion, in this article we have briefly discussed about ditty news ticker plugin, its installation, modes configuration and settings and found that how can we display WordPress news ticker on websites.

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