WordPress SEO

As you all knows that WordPress is a SEO friendly platform. SEO wordpress is super easy. This means that it provides easy ways to on page optimization for your website which can help you quickly appears in search engine results and increase your ranking in very fast manners.

There are many plugins available but the most popular are All in One SEO Pack and WordPress Plugin Yoast. In this tutorial we will talk about All in One SEO Pack. This is WordPress plugin which is used to fully optimize your website contents including Posts, Pages and other settings. I am also using this and this is the best one for on page search engine optimization and i will prefer you to use as well because this is extremely powerful but simple and easy to use. It also has 4.5 rating and almost 1+ million downloads.




It has some great feathers such general, home page, keywords, titles,  custom post types, display settings. It also includes google webmaster verification, google, no-index and  advance settings sections.




You can install it from plugins section. When this will installed, settings will show up on wp admin top bar section and it will also display on individual posts and pages. This is the actual section where you can optimize your single post and page contents.

WordPress General Setting

Before using this plugin we will tune few wordpress settings. First add site title and site tagline on general settings. Title should not be more than four words and you can add tagline of maximum eight words. This is important to note that both fields can help for better search engine optimization.




In Writing section  open update services link and copy and paste all services links into update services box. These are blog directories which are by default added in wordpress package. And when you will add or update new post, wordpress automatically notified these directories about your new contents. This will help you to get traffic.




In reading setting, each article feed show option should be checked to summary because if you are sending your new contents in emails then summary option will show little part of your post with read more button in emails and you have a chance to find traffic on your website. I have one more important tip for you , always set number of posts on front page is less than 10. It will help you to load website fast on mobile devices. Reason is mobile devices have limited memory and processor. And if you will set number of post greater than 10 then page response time will increase and website takes long time to load.



And the last but most important is permalink setting. Permalink should be set to post name e.g, http://www.example.com/home. But if this will not set then search engines will unable to recognize your URL. e.g, http://www.example.com/?p123 and this is very bad for optimization.




Plugin Setting

After applied WP settings now we will discuss our plugin. It has three sections ignore other two and lets work with general settings. By default recommended options are selected but you can make changes according to your requirements. In general setting there is no need to change any option, these are fine.




In Home Page settings you need to add home title of maximum 60 characters and description should not be more than 160 characters but both should be limited as possible.  Good thing is that WordPress SEO plugin is showing counter so it will help you to check whether you are crossing the limits or not. Both are very important because search engines will use this information while displaying search results. Home keywords are not important. Specially Google is not using keywords but if you want to add them then Yahoo and Bing are still count keywords. One important point you should keep in mind that this setting is enough for your home page and there is no need to separately add  meta title, description and keywords on your front page.




Keyword default setting should be fine but you can change options like categories for meta keywords checked/unchecked etc.




In Title settings you can enable or disable rewrite titles and capitalizes them. The most important option is post title format. By default it will show %post_title% | %blog_title% but  you must remove %blog_title% because if you will not remove then your post title become bigger in length with blog title. And Google don’t like  lengthy titles because it will normally shows 7 to 8 words title in results. All other options are remains unchanged.




Custom Types Setting let you show which Post Types you want to use.




Display settings tells you to select which screens display the  Title,  Keywords and Description columns.




In webmaster verification you can verify your website by adding codes for Google Webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster and Pinterest.

In Google settings, You can add your social media profiles and also connect with google analytics account.




No-index settings are also very important term. Because this will help you to avoid duplicate contents problem, These options lets google to not index category and date archives, author, search, tags which save you from duplication.




Auto generate Descriptions is very import in advance settings and should be checked and no need to change all other options. And finally update the settings. you can also reset general and all settings to default.




Single Post / Page Section

After settings configuration now will look individual single post and page. You can find All in one settings at the bottom of post or page. Title is the most important option, Whatever you enter in this field will show up on search results so it should be very smart, under 60 characters, always write those words that users actually search. Using your keywords in title can help to quickly rank your post in search engines. Description is also very crucial part where you can summarize your post in 160 characters. Don’t copy post body, it should be in little different wording but relevant to specific post.

In keywords field, you can add your main and helping  keywords.  There are few more options like to add Custom Canonical UR. If your post is related to event or news then Robots meta no-index option can checked so search engine will not index this post 2nd time.




In this article we have discussed all in one installation, its features and explained how WordPress SEO can improve overall on page optimization. If it will setup accordingly then definitely your website ranking will increase incredibly.

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